Dinner Party Ideas

Dinner Party Ideas For Home Lovers

Large Ceramic Frying Pan

Large Black Ceramic Frying Pan 28cm with a wooden spoon and 3pk blue tea towels - (3pcs).

The trendy ceramic frying pan that lets you cook a great meal everytime as it will not burn your food, 28cm, great for gas, induction, electric and halogen. Easy cook, easy clean.


Easy Dinner Ideas

Bustling families, rushing businessmen, city folk or country bums--all of us could use some easy dinner ideas from time to time. Use the following basic templates for some easy meal ideas next time your family seems in a little rut. Presto! Dinner Is ServedEasy dinner ideas could quickly be categorized into different ways, all of which are delicious. First off, what could be easier than a crock pot dinner?


Purple Over Door Hook

Over door hook with 8 hooks for coats, jackets, towels, clothing belts and scarves. Home organizer and over the door hanger for busy couples and families. Great for halls, bedrooms, bathrooms, keeps homes tidy as there is a place for everything. Over the door hook with 8 hooks plus one bedroom door hanger.


House Party Ideas

2-pk Spray/Squirt Red Bottle


Cordless Glass Kettle


Pink Travel/Neck Cushion


Great Meal Ideas

One of the best things you can do for your children is to introduce them to rich and healthy food early in life. Now, you may not be able to do this if you do not have healthy meal ideas.

Red Non-Stick Frying Pan


Healthy Food Recipes

Just because you have a tight pocketbook doesn't mean that you can't eat healthy or delicious meals. In fact, you can often have both--for minimal cost.

Lunch Bag Set - Blue


Neck Cushion + Travel Mug


Dinner Party Ideas by Design

Dinner parties are a great way to spend time with your close friends and loved ones.  No dinner party will be a success without careful thought and planning in advance. Here at we are aware of how important it is that your dinner party turns out to be successful and remembered as such.  Therefore we aim to offer many suggestions on food, cookware, bakeware, storage and many other handy tips for around your home to make you, your dinner party and surroundings look and feel good.

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